Plan B 1g

Change your way……


6 thoughts on “Plan B 1g

  1. Yes we are so much interested, in your Plan B, since our Ivory Wave supplier went south. We are located in the USA. Which I hope, that is not bothersome. We would be delighted in any top quality bath salts, that are still available. If possible, We would like to have a quick response. As of late, I dont know if its quality, but many companies are changing their product. Thank you for your time, and we hope to hear back from you. We have a shelf, dedicated to bath salts, that has been bare for a month, sad to say…

    LIVE Life/Love Life

    Erin Fosss

  2. We are in the USA. Interested in your bath salts for our store. WE hope to hear back from you, and and any given updates would be appreciated.


    Live The Life You Love

  3. Hi I want to buy this product and others please contact with me to talk for price and other information.Please send me email( with any messenger(skype,yahoo,msn) to talk with you easy.Thanks for your time I wait your reply

  4. Heya, I would like to ask how can I order some Plan B. I would like to know whats the prices in a bigger quantity say like 10-20 grams and what countries do you deliver this product to ?
    Thanks inadvance!
    Hope to hear from you soon 🙂

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